The Tim (khaosicoder) wrote in roleplaystories,
The Tim

Mrya-Blythe Journal 04

Well, we hopped on the huge caravan and traveled several days. The maltars were very tired and burned out. I was able to make some poison and that's great. Talking some politics bled into my impulsive nature too. Apparently there's this disease that makes everyone "Nervous Nellies" down in the South. But there are definitely some troubling things. The Nin Research Facility is creepy, sterile, and huge. Even creepier is the fact that there's this huge body count list of names of what I think is dead people.

Moreover, there's graves. Graves. No invisibility or dull senses psionic is gonna be good enough to block

those memories out. The implications really unsettle me. Did the adults die, while the children live? Were resources hounded or scavenged? Did parents breathe their last, not knowing if their children would survive? Ideas like this make me want to power down, sometimes. Sometimes I can see why Zeet does the crazy superstitious check-out thing, like the "sleep angles" and all that nonsense. It's easier than thinking about stuff like this.
Tags: atom, mryablythe

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