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The Tim

Elinara's Poetry

Various Songs
by Elinara

Blasted Bird

It amazes me sometimes the patience he’ll spend
On his mechanical fine feathered friend
“Come, Ayu,” he’ll whistle, “Come Ayu, come here!”
As she stares at a twig and pretends not to hear.
But there is a presence so simple yet wise
Gazing out from behind those mechanical eyes
And though I am not one for avian whiles
That blasted bird’s worth seeing Nulio’s smiles

Cirrok and Alyssa

Dwelling time without mind
In the everlasting Vayl
He’d forgotten name and purpose
And could not tell us his tale

She our shy soft-spoken
Linguist led us to observe
That some things transcend language
And that true love needs no words

They faced the fates together
Now she faces them alone
His spirit though devoted
Tied to fragile flesh and bone


You are quiet, shy and bookish
And a bit beyond our ken
Many call you snobbish
There are few to call you friend
To those who truly know you
You’re loyal beyond doubt
A spark of true nobility
Don’t let the spark go out

You have suffered much my sister
Lost your family, lost your home
Forced to wander friendless
‘Neath the city all alone
But we still love you sister
Of this please do not doubt
In spite of our iniquity
Don’t let the spark go out


The feud twixt Nulio and Bay
Was reconciled in a novel way
Not with words but a careless nick
From a shining sharpened mining pick

Nulio was just trying to help
But Bay let out awful yelp
The pick sliced through his armored boot
Through tender flesh of flailing foot

Bay, his eyes flew open wide
Nulio pled, apologized
And tried to stem the gushing blood
Flowing forth in a grizzly flood

Bay’s foot is whole, pain nearly gone
The fued’s no longer dragging on
Past arguments are left behind
A friendship of the strangest kind


At times bawdy and brawling
Sometimes gallant and kind
Possessed of a surprising strength
And somewhat simple mind

His face is fair and handsome
Like a hero from a tale
But the quest he likes the best
Is the quest for ale

His heart seeks Truth and Justice
For Good to win the day
Always seeing black or white
Never shades of gray


Somewhat ditzy, always tipsy
Jester, partying carefree
But there is a depth inside her
Many people cannot see

Others’ burdens, doubts and worries
Drive her to the very brink
Only thing she’s found to fight them
Is an ever-present Drink

Day by day she’s slowly learning
Pushing past the pain to heal
Her heart broken past all mending
Will finally start to feel


It’s hard enough for me to choose
Which way that I must go
But she must say for all of us
The paths we should follow

Long have I wished to ease her pain
But I am finding how
Forced to aid in her decision
My heart is breaking now

Arik is my friend and lover
Part of my very soul
I fight the urge to keep him safe
True love does not control
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